Zygomatic 2019 is a two-day International conference sponsored by the 2 largest manufacturers exploring the art and science of zygomatic implant treatment. It brings together a host of top specialists from around the world to teach, debate and educate from their years of experience and training.Zygomatic Implants have revolutionised the ability of clinicians to treat the severely atrophic maxilla providing rapid return to function within a matter of hours, even in highly resorbed situations.However, their use requires significant training and these techniques are not without complications. This two-day meeting is designed for both the inexperienced and the experienced user, providing high quality education from a team of 11 international specialists.Didactic lectures will be combined with interactive discussion panels where the specialists will discuss treatment protocols and techniques with evidence from their own practice as well as that available in the literature.The historical origins of the technique together with new concepts such as extra-maxillary placement, minimally invasive surgery and formal sinus management techniques will be discussed and debated by our expert panel of international zygomatic implant surgeons. They will also discuss the range of implants available from the major suppliers, their specific designs and configurations and the clinical circumstances where they use which product.Assessment and planning for this complex treatment will be outlined including tips and hints regarding Sinus disease, surgical imaging and surgical techniques to increase the predictability of treatment and reduce complications. The alternatives for treatment in the atrophic maxilla will also be explored to enable all delegates to fully appreciate the decision making process in choosing the correct treatment modality for a given clinical situation.Restoration of zygomatic implants will be examined with recommendations on prosthesis type as well as techniques to ensure that well fitting and durable prostheses are produced to provide patients with years of excellent function. Complications arising from these implant techniques will be highlighted with advice from experienced specialists about how to manage them if and when they should arise. Innovation in zygomatic implant techniques will also be highlighted by clinicians managing very complex maxillary situations.SponsorshipThis conference has been kindly sponsored by our Gold Sponsors, Nobelbiocare and Southern Implants; the two largest manufacturers of zygomatic implants globally. Without their significant sponsorship this conference would not be able to run and the organisers are very grateful to both companies for theor generous support.