OverviewProfessional athletes are surrounded by a team of coaching experts and advisors in order to let them achieve their best. However, the surgical profession has been slow to provide similar support and advice to help surgeons achieve peak performance in increasingly high-pressured and stressful systems. The three day event will draw lessons and inspiration from the world of sports and combine lectures, group discussions, outdoor and social activities, all in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, College representatives at the Forum will include the President, Professor Michael Griffin, who will be in attendance to listen to the concerns of Younger Fellows and use these discussions to help shape future Council policy.Target AudienceYounger Fellows who are within 10 years of having obtained the FRCS.Learning StyleThe program will combine team building activities, educational lectures, break out discussion sessions along with opportunity for fellowship and networking with colleagues.Aims & ObjectivesThe Residential Forum aims to equip Younger Fellows with knowledge, skills and mental frameworks to help achieve peak performance in their surgical careers. Furthermore, in an environment of every evolving challenges, it is hoped that the event will foster support for the wellbeing of the surgical profession in line with the wider work of RCSEd.Learning OutcomesDelegates will learn principles of psychological techniques used by athletes to perform at their best under pressure, surgical ergonomics and methods to look after the body and mind of a surgeon in order to improve personal wellbeing at work and deliver their best for patient care.