Join James Rind – Workplace Wellbeing Consultant – for two workshops in one exciting day.In the first (morning) explore what Wellbeing in the workplace really is and how OH professionals cansupport / develop an optimal wellbeing strategy. You will discover the theories behind workplacewellbeing and why it is important for all aspects of the organisation.The second (afternoon) shifts the focus to your wellbeing and gives you the tools to comprehensivelyappraise where you are. James will support you to develop your bespoke action list of interventionsand achievable life-habit changes which will help to optimise your levels of day to day wellbeing.By attending this training day you will: Gain a thorough understanding of what workplace wellbeing is and is not Feel more confident in developing or supporting your organisations wellbeing strategy Explore key workplace wellbeing theory such as behavioural change; wellbeing measurement;and physiological stress & relaxation responses Understand where your current wellbeing needs lie and to… Develop a practical and bespoke strategy to address those wellbeing needs Learn through first-hand experience tools and techniques to guide employees whenconsidering their wellbeingJames Rind is a Workplace Wellbeing Consultant who has a clinical background as a MusculoskeletalPhysiotherapist. He is passionate about workplace wellbeing and in particular inspiring individuals topositively change their wellbeing through defined and measured adjustments to their day-to-daybehaviours.James completed a MSc in Workplace Health & Wellbeing from the University of Nottingham and aDiploma in Wellbeing & Stress Management. He works with companies throughout the UK and isbased in Cardiff.One Day Training Course9.30am – 4.30 pm1hr for lunchMaximum number of attendees: 15