Programme and Learning Agenda …
Time Agenda: Women’s Health – A Life Course Approach
09:00-09:30am Registration, Coffee and Exhibition
09:30-11:00am Women’s Health Part One
Using case based discussion, understanding
the importance of a life-course approach, we
will explore a range of typical problems that
women present to us in our primary care clinics
to update and improve the care we provide.
Cases to manage consultations using latest
FSRH guidance including:
postnatal contraception
contraception in women aged over 40
emergency contraception
managing bleeding problems on hormonal
11:00-11:30am Exhibition and Coffee
11:30-1:00pm Women’s Health Part Two
Using cases to discuss problem-based
consultations commonly seen in primary care
including from:
post-coital bleeding
vulval irritation
vaginal discharge
hormones and mood
pelvic pain
‘flushes and sweats’
1:00pm Close of Event