The Nutrition Society’s Winter Conference this year will be in collaboration with the BSG and the British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN).Interaction between diets, nutrients and the host in the promotion of systemic health is wholly dependent upon effective digestive function. Perturbation of digestive function associates with a range of pathobiologies, but dysfunction may have systemic sequelae. The gut is exquisitely sensitive and senses the nutritional status of the lumen, however the full extent of sensing is still being discovered and its functions remain opaque.This conference will explore the relationships between diet, gut function, gut pathologies and systemic health, taking as its focus recent developments in the field and areas of continued debate. The meeting is structured, allowing a specific section aimed at current practice in dietetic support, followed by symposia on inflammatory diseases, nutrient sensing and signalling, the impacts of high and low body mass index (BMI) on nutrition and gut function, and on gastrointestinal cancers. The conference benefits from plenary speakers with significant standing: Professor John Rhodes will review “Nutrition and Gut health: a changing world and emerging challenges” to open the conference, and Professor Christine Edwards will close the meeting by considering “Nourishing the gut: a lifetime of opportunities”.Scientific Programme Organisers: Dr Bernard Corfe, University of Sheffield, Dr Liz Williams, University of Sheffield, Dr Matthiew Kurien, University of Sheffield and Professor Ramesh Arasaradnam, University of Warwick