SAE Media Group are proud to announce the 4th annual Wearable Injectors and Connected Devices conference. As the need for at home self-administration and routes for delivery of time-dependent and high-volume drug delivery grows, on-body injectors and connected devices hold great opportunity.

The conference will delve into on-body device design and development, enhancing digital connectivity for injectable devices, strategic approaches to wearable device design, regulatory considerations and primary container considerations for large volume delivery systems.

As part of SAE Media Group’s leading Injectable series of conferences, we bring together high-level experts from big pharma and device developers to network and share knowledge to advance R and D. The two-day conference will not only bring you high-quality key insights needed to enhance your wearable devices and connected product portfolio but will also give you the opportunity to network with key players throughout the industry. We hope to welcome you to this must attend event in October 2023!

Reasons to attend:
• Engage with key regulatory updates surrounding connected drug delivery devices
• Discover advances in device design and development for large volume delivery via on-body injectors
• Explore primary and secondary packaging considerations for effective container closure integrity
• Hear insights into the growing potential of digital health to improve patient experience and treatment
• Develop your understanding of design strategies for connectivity and digital health
• Benchmark against big pharma projects leading the way in advancing user-interfaces for connected Devices