“I have seen excellent ward accreditation models across the country. Where these have greatest impact, they are embeddedin a culture of strong frontline leadership, positive engagement and staff support. The introduction of accreditation has inmany areas served truly to empower frontline nurses and midwives – to develop and improve practice, to influence policyand to shape professional strategy – placing them at the centre of decision-making processes and enabling managers totake on facilitative leadership roles.” Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England, March 2019“Developing a set of standards against which to measure quality of care is central to demonstrating improvement.Accreditation brings together key measures of nursing and clinical care into one overarching framework to enable acomprehensive assessment of the quality of care at ward, unit or team level. When used effectively, it can drive continuousimprovement in patient outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction and staff experience at ward and unit level. With aclear direction and a structured approach, it creates the collective sense of purpose necessary to help communication,encourage ownership and achieve a robust programme to measure and influence care delivery.”NHS Improvement, March 2019“Quality improvement is the systematic approach to improving the safety, effectiveness and experience of care.Outstanding organisations have a continuous improvement approach to services. Staff are encouraged and supportedto use quality improvement methodologies to improve care and address variation. As a ward leader you may see manyopportunities to improve and make changes.” NHS Improvement, 2018This conference focuses on developing systems and processes for ward accreditation for quality. Ward accreditation canbe used as a tool to encouraging ownership of continuous quality improvement at ward level, reduce variation and increasestaff pride and team working within their ward areas. Through practical case studies of NHS Trusts that have successfullyintroduced ward accreditation systems the conference will provide practical guide to implementing systems, and improvingstaff engagement in driving improvement on the ward.This conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve quality through Ward Accreditation• Learn from outstanding practice in ward accreditation• Reflect on national developments and learning• Improve the selection and use of quality metrics and indicators• Develop your skills in empowering and supporting ward staff to meet the standards• Learn from the lived experience of a gold standard ward• Identify key strategies for aligning Ward Accreditation with CQC Quality Ratings at ward level• Develop and use trust wide quality ward dashboards• Understand how to use real time data for patient safety and quality improvement• Self assess and reflect on your own practice• Gain cpd accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence