For Consultants & Higher Trainees In Vascular SurgeryReduced fees for vascular and theatre nurses, sonographers and clinical scientistsIn response to the NICE recommendation for people with confirmed varicose veins and truncal reflux to be offered endothermal ablation, Wessex Diagnostic is organising this course providing training in endovenous laser therapy of the lower limb veins.Topics include ultrasound guided simulation using a limb phantom, laser safety training and live demonstration of endovascular laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy and avulsion techniques.Ultrasound equipment controlsUltrasound imaging of surgical proceduresPractical workshop sessionsOpportunity to train on EVLA simulation using a limb phantomLaser safety training and accreditationLive demonstrations of EVLA in theatresPractical ‘hands-on‘ sessionsThe workshops will be available for delegates to gain supervised training and practical experience in ultrasound techniques and guided EVLA simulation using limb phantoms.