Stay ahead of the curve and join us for three days of new ideas in anaesthesia, critical care and pain management. Discover new developments on the horizon from today’s thought leaders and learn how best to combat the growing issues you will face in your anaesthetic practice.Join us in Birmingham this November to connect with and question the specialty experts, discuss your experiences with peers, and bring back new ideas that will improve your own practice.Topics will include:Post-surgical prescription and opioid dependenceMedicines safety in anaesthetic practiceAnaesthesia for minimally invasive abdominal and pelvic surgeryInadvertant perioperative hypothermiaAmniotic fluid embolismAmputation and analgesiaPain relief in rib fractureClinical risk assessment tools in anaesthesiaImpact of fatigue and wellbeing on the learning environmentPerioperative management of patients with dementiaPreoperative fasting in childrenThe multidisciplinary team approach for high-risk and major cancer surgeryNerve injury during anaesthesiaBurnout and resilience in anaesthesia and intensive careAdvances in management of electrophysiology and atrial fibrillation in the cardiac catheter laboratoryGrief reactions and coping strategies of trainee doctors working in paediatric intensive careFeedback from our recent sell-out events‘Fantastic event, simple useful updates on a good range of topics for the general anaesthetist’ Updates London, February 2019’There’s something to add to your clinical practice from almost every talk’Updates London, February 2019‘I wish more refresher courses would provide the same value’ Updates London, February 2019‘Not only relevant to current practice but really forward looking to how future practice may change’Updates London, September 2018‘An extremely valuable use of 3 days of my study leave’Updates London, September 2018