Course DescriptionA two day RCGP accredited course run by the Severn Faculty. The course will include an introduction to MRGCP, what to expect and live CSA circuits in communication, ethical dilemmas and clinical cases. This two-day nationally set RCGP CSA preparation course has been specially designed to give the trainee GP an understanding of how the CSA is run.Every participant will have the chance to practice their clinical skills in a mock consultation and recieve constructive feedback from both the patient and trainer. Non-attendance Fee: Please note the following regarding non-attendance – As this course is pre-paid by the Severn Deanery, delegates who fail to give reasonable notice of non-attendance will be charged a fee of £50 (via invoice from the Severn Faculty RCGP) following their failure to attend to cover venue and other costs. Eligibility to book: Non-Severn GP Trainees should not book using this online process, they should contact Severn Faculty RCGP via email to enquire regarding availability and how to book as Severn GP Trainees are given first priority. Ticket prices for RCGP Non-Severn AiTs is £330 and non-RCGP members are charged £450 Event Coordinator: Kelly Bush, Severn Faculty Events Administrator Email: Contact Number: 0203 188 7714