“This popular interactive course will deepen your skills as a trainer, improving your approach to planning, developing, delivering and evaluating surgical training.Covering the latest methods in surgical education across two days of practical sessions, plus two eLearning components, Training the Trainers will enhance your skills as a surgical educator and deepen your understanding of how adults learn. £702.00 2 days 12.00 CPD PointsAfter attending this course, you should be able to:Identify the stages of learningRecognise both facilitators and barriers to learningDiscuss the impact of learning style on teaching and learningDescribe and use a four step approach to teaching a practical skillDescribe a model of the learning process (Kolb’s learning cycle)Explain the benefits of reflection and identify opportunities to use reflection as a learning tool, plus use a model of reflection to improve your teaching practiceDifferentiate between different types of assessmentDescribe and use a model of effective feedbackDiscuss reasons for, and ways of dealing with, some of the common challenges you might encounter in your work as a trainer Course contentYou will cover a variety of topics during each component of this course.Component 1 – eLearningThis component takes up to 7 hours to complete. It covers:Key educational theory concepts and how these apply to clinical educationShort tests to consolidate your knowledge of these conceptsPreparation for Component 2 Component 2 – Two face-to-face daysA deeper look at the educational theories underpinning adult learning and how these apply to surgical educationOne-to-one instruction, varied teaching methods and an introduction to assessmentThe participants deliver a one-to-one training session and a seven minute talk. This needs to be prepared in advance.Component 3 – eLearningThis component takes up to 4 hours to complete. It covers:Review of your teaching practice and of the feedback you were givenHow to plan and implement change in your teachingReflection on the changes in your teaching practice and the impact of these changesParticipants deliver one-to-one training and a seven minute talk. This needs to be prepared in advance.