Since 2013, more than 200 people have participated in our Top Manager Programme (TMP), many of whom have senior roles in the health and care system with responsibility for leading significant change in the way health and social care needs are met.The complexity and sense of urgency that shapes the current agenda for health and social care is as pressing and as intractable as it has ever been. Historical boundaries of sector, profession, place and role no longer seem appropriate for the challenges we face, and we are all being called – as citizens and professionals – to find new ways of thinking and organising our services in response to the changing UK context.Many of our TMP alumni have asked how they can get ongoing support both in their leadership role and for how they approach new challenges. Our alumni offer has been designed in response to this.Who is it for?This ‘next-step’ programme is open to anyone who has been a member of the TMP learning community since the programme began in 1989. It is also open to anyone who has been a participant on The King’s Fund Senior Manager programme or the Leadership for Social Change programme (2005), both of which drew on the same approach.How will you benefit from this programme?You will be part of a peer-learning community that will help you extend your TMP learning and apply it to your current context. The three-day programme offers a place to think and a space to work on the complex challenges of leadership.The programme will:refresh and deepen your understanding of the core TMP concepts and practices, particularly how you work with complexity and the psychodynamics of what goes on beneath the surface of relationshipsfocus on application – you are invited to bring your real work challenges (particularly intractable problems and dilemmas) to test the TMP ways of workingcreate an exchange between you, as a senior system leader, and policy-makers – national leaders and our own policy team; this will be designed as a two-way learning process help you connect what you have learnt on TMP with the leadership challenges in a local community (Broadwater Farm) that you will visit for a daygive you access to a cross-sector leadership network based on your shared knowledge and experience of thinking through the practical, collective leadership challenges, offering a peer resource you can call on with confidence.What will you do on this programmeThe TMP Alumni programme will have an explicit focus on becoming more fluent in the core practices from TMP and being able to apply them to your everyday work. The relationship between participants and the TMP directors will shift into a more facilitative and collaborative relationship. Stafford Scott, community leader, will co-lead the field visit to Broadwater Farm in North London.