The UK Brachial Plexus Club meets every few years to discuss currentreconstruction strategies, outcomes reporting, collaboration and innovations in bothadult traumatic and obstetric birth related brachial plexus injury. This year we willhost the meeting in Birmingham to coincide with the 2nd UK Peripheral Nerve ClinicalResearch Network meeting. The Brachial Plexus Club will meet at the EdgbastonPark Hotel and Conference Centre on 19th November.The programme is being developed and will include a section on national servicecommissioning and development of a registry for the UK. If you have a topic youwould like to see included or a presentation you would like to make then please letthe organiser know on the attached declaration of interest form. The final programmeand attendees will be circulated prior to the meeting. There is a limited sponsorshipavailable from commercial partners which will enable the meeting to be provided freeof charge to a limited number of delegates.Dinner: There is a planned dinner at 2000 on the evening of Monday 18th November2019 at a venue to be confirmed subject to sponsorship. If you are interested in adinner reservation please notify the organiser on the attached form.