The Mental Capacity Amendment Bill is unlikely to comeinto force until early 2020. In the interim healthcareprofessionals continue to be bound by the provisions ofthe Mental Capacity Act 2005.On 13th March 2014, the House of Lords SelectCommittee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005published the report of its ten‐month investigation.The Government responded: “We agree with theCommittee’s overall finding: that while the MentalCapacity Act (MCA) was a “visionary piece of legislation”the Act has “suffered from a lack of awareness and alack of understanding.”This masterclass will consider how the current MentalCapacity Act applies to day-to-day practice, with afocus on capacity and best interest assessments andhow these can protect the healthcare practitionerand improve patient care. Delegates will have theopportunity to raise issues and concerns specific totheir own practice. The course will be run by a Kate Hill,Solicitor, InPractice, and will be case study led.The Masterclass will cover:• A practical overview of the Mental Capacity Act.• Provision of robust capacity and best interestassessment plans that ensure patient-centred care,including a review of recent case law• The potential changes to the DoLS regime• Advance care planning and advance decisions• The interface between the Mental Health Act andthe Mental Capacity Act• Record keeping