It is our pleasure at Skin Cancer Symposiums to bring you Professor Cliff Rosendahl from University of Queensland, Australia and Professor Amanda Oakley from the University of Auckland, New Zealand to Oxford, UK.

As doctors we are often the first and sometimes the only ones to see our patient’s skin. But we have little training and hence most of us, little confidence in confidently diagnosing skin lesions. How can we improve our confidence? The best way without doubt is with training in dermatoscopy which will help you recognise skin cancers earlier and with greater precision. Traditional dermatoscopy teaching has been complicated and difficult. The Skin Cancer Symposium delivers world-class teaching by Professor Cliff Rosendahl, the co-author of ‘Chaos and Clues’ and ‘Pigment without Prediction’, to break down Dermatoscopy teaching into simple, easy to follow algorithms. Professor Amanda Oakley, the founder of the world famous dermatology resource Dermnet will be using interactive quizzes and clear precise language to help consolidate your learning.

You will be able to apply these algorithms the very next day in your practice with your complimentary dermatoscope worth £270 as an limited time offer (MedOptima MoleScope II *) until September 30th. Cliff’s teaching will complimented by experienced GP Skin Cancer specialists who will provide you with lots of practical tips, tricks and ensure the teaching is highly practical to general practice.

* We reserve the right to replace this with a better and more expensive model
Convenors: Dr Chris Boberg and Dr Andrew MacGill

Highest quality teaching – our average rating of hundreds of GPs, nurses and Surgeons is 4.7/5 (94%)

We make it easy – dermatoscopy does not need to be hard, our Professors will teach you in simple to understand terms

Complimentary dermatoscope – so you can start doing dermatoscopy the very next day at your rooms. (Limited time offer until 30th of September 2018).

Fully accredited – by the Royal College of General Practitioners UK, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

Interactive sessions – We will provide lots of examples, quizzes and repetition to help reinforce key points. We will be using a new interactive tool that encourages audience engagement with individualised quizzes and feedback. Our tool means you can talk with your lecturer anonymously, ask questions and vote. It is a game changer technology and we will use this to help us understand what you do and don’t understand and address accordingly.

Quality learning resources – Professor Cliff Rosendahl has very kindly provided Chapter 7: Diagnosis of Skin Neoplasia from the official course guide for IMED7001 of the Masters of Skin Cancer Medicine course at the University of Queensland as pre-reading. Powerpoint slides of all lectures will be available after the symposium.