The meeting will raise awareness of the impact of chronic stress on health and well-being and the effect of self-hypnosis on immune functioning. With high-profile speaker presentations, small group discussions and whole group feedback, this promises to be an informative day that explores ways to improve general well-being.Join us to:Increase knowledge of the research evidence relating to stress and its impact on healthLearn how cortisol, a steroid hormone, regulates biological functioning across both day and night and how detrimental chronic stress can be on your long term healthIdentify behavioral and environmental strategies to improve health, with regard to the impact of using hypnotic induction techniques on brain functioning Current research evidence for the use of self-hypnosis in strengthening immunity. The Waxman Memorial Lecture John Gruzelier will look at the impact of self-hypnosis on immune system markers, presenting a new model of high and low “hypnotic susceptibility” and how using and teaching self-hypnosis can improve health.