Venue: Wolfson Conference Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, LondonPrimary HyperaldosteronismMaking a watertight diagnosisLateralisatiom of disease – is adrenal vein sampling necessary?Adrenalectomy for Conn’s – are we offering surgery appropriately?HyperparathyrodisA review of the NICE guidelinesAnother look at parathyroid localisationParathyroid cancerParathyroids in the chest & other thoracic endocrine surgeryPhaeochromocytomaWhy and how to block patients for surgeryBreaking news in phaeochromocytoma surgeryClinical case presentations & Prize Poster sessionContributors:Dr James Ahlquist (Southend)Dr Tara Barwick (Charing Cross Hospital)Dr Hilary Bridge (Oxford)Prof Neil Gittoes (Birmingham)Prof Mark Gurnell (Cambridge)Professor Menno Vriens (Utrecht, Holland)Mr Jon Anderson (Hammersmith Hospital)Mr David Scott-Coombes (Cardiff)Prof Martin Walz (Essen, Germany)Organizing Committee:Mr Fausto PalazzoProf Waljit DhilloProf Karim MeeranProf Sir Stephen Bloom