The course fee includes dinner, please note that you will need to book youe own accommodation seperately.
This year, we are re-launching the popular refresher course for Consultants, with a new programme informed by the feedback from the previous, very successful course run by Shamim Khan in 2016. Aimed at those who wish to keep up to date with the latest issues in contemporary urological practice, or those who just want to make sure that they are practising in a sensible and effective way, this course will provide a broad update on many areas.

The clinical topics covered will include overviews in the investigation and management of stone disease, haematuria, erectile dysfunction, urosepsis, novel BPH therapies and female incontinence. There will also be a debate on prostate imaging and biopsy methods, the modern treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, and of the latest therapies for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. As well as the clinical component, and due to popular demand, we will also cover the recent changes in urological and surgical training, revalidation, job planning, and provide pointers on how to avoid litigation, and to start up and manage a private practice.

All the talks will be delivered by proven UK experts and accomplished speakers so that your time is spent in the most effective way possible and with high quality assured. As ever, there will be a chance for networking and informal discussion during session breaks, and at the evening dinner on Friday 9 November 2018.