Our intensive 1 Day Minor Surgery Refresher & Update Course is aimed at current minor surgery practitioners who would like to improve their surgical techniques, whilst expanding upon the surgical procedures they can offer.

This is a highly practical course, and consists of a series of punchy lectures in the morning, followed by supervised hands on practice for the rest of the day.

This course offers training in skin lesion recognition, advanced excision and wound closure techniques, as well as DOPS assessments for those GPs and Nurses requiring reaccreditation with NHS England.

The Minor Surgery Refresher & Update Course is designed with GPs & Nurse Practitioners in mind, but is also suitable for any healthcare professional looking to develop their surgical skillset.

The course assumes that you already have a good level of minor surgery knowledge, and are currently practicing Minor Skin Surgery. For novices, beginners, and those who have not practiced minor surgery recently, then our expanded 2 Day Minor Surgery Course is more suitable for you.

To date we have taught over 8000 happy practitioners, with over 99% saying they would recommend this course to a friend or colleague!

What Does the Minor Surgery Refresher and Update Cover?

The Minor Surgery Contract
Rules & Regulations
Equipment, Needles and Sutures

Skin Anatomy
Pigmented lesions
BCC Guidelines

Anaesthetic administration, including ring block & field block
Marking the Ellipse

Surgical Techniques
Excision of Ellipse
Epidermal Cyst excision
Lipoma excision

Wound Closure Techniques
Deep Dermal Suture
Horizontal Mattress Suture
Vertical Mattress Suture
Subcuticular Suture

DOPS Assessment

Maximum capacity – 40