This one day course is aimed at practitioners working with musculoskeletal patients who would like to improve their assessment, diagnosis and management skills of musculoskeletal conditions, including the role of, theory behind and practical use of musculoskeletal corticosteroid injections.

This is a highly practical course, and consists of a series of short and punchy lectures in the morning, following by hands on demonstrations and supervised practice for the rest of the day.

The course is designed for GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals, but is also suitable for any healthcare professional looking to expand the range of treatments they can offer.

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to be able to use the skills they gain immediately within their practice.

What Does the Joint Injection Course Cover?

Principles of soft tissue Injuries
Stress Strain Curve
History Taking
Grading of strains
Principles of management

Principles of Corticosteroid Injection Therapy
Effects of drugs
Appropriate Drugs

Practicing Corticosteroid Injection Therapy
Warnings & Side Effects

Elbow, Wrist & Hand
Clinical examination of the elbow, wrist and hand
Distinguishing between various conditions
Treatment options
Tennis Elbow Injection
Golfers Elbow Injection
Trigger Finger Injection
De Quervains Injection
First Metacarpal Joint Injection
Carpel Tunnel Injections

Lower Limb
Clinical Examination of Hip & Knee
Distinguishing between various conditions
Treatment Options
Knee Condition Injections
Trochanteric Bursa Injection
Treatment of Greater Tuberosity Pain Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis treatment

Clinical Examination
Distinguishing between various conditions
Treatment Options
Subacromial Space Injection
Acromioclavicular Joint Injection
Glenohumeral Injection

Maximum capacity – 36