do you want to become a better teacher?This practical two-day course will empower clinical teachers with the knowledge, confidence and skills to teach effectively in a wide range of settings.This course will allow you to understand how adults learn, and use this understanding to improve your own teaching skills, identify and overcome the barriers to effective teaching, and adapt teaching methods for different teaching scenariostopics coveredIdentify the most appropriate teaching methods for a specific setting and outcomesStructure teaching sessions of any length in order to maximise your effectivenessWrite learning objectives that enable your trainees to assess their own learningRecognise the different domains and hierarchies of learning and how to exploit these to create more effective teaching sessionsReflect productively on your own performanceDevelop strategies for giving trainees effective feedback and for helping trainees to self-critique constructivelyRecognise the effect your motivational drivers have on the way you teach, and how this will influence the ways your trainees learnWrite personal action plans to support continuous ongoing improvement after the courseTo demonstrate to both new and experienced trainers and supervisors a range of techniques designed to improve the effectiveness of their teachingwin a free place by submitting your cvWe will be offering one free place on the day. To win, delegates must submit your CV by Monday 18 March 2018 to member: £475Non-member: £575