The UK’s most popular medical teaching course
Two-day interactive course. 12 CPD points
Evidence-based theories of education
Plenty of practice and feedback with videoing.
Covers all aspects of teaching
Recognised for portfolio and CCT purposes
Comprehensive 100-page handout
By attending this Teach the Teachers course for doctors, you will gain confidence, develop strong presentation and teaching skills, be able to deliver 1-2-1 and group training, facilitate group teaching and give effective feedback.

During the Teach the Teachers / Train the trainers course of the you will learn:

the key elements of adult education theory
how to develop and write structured teaching objectives
how to adapt your teaching to the different learning styles
how to use different teaching styles and techniques effectively in your medical teaching courses
how to deal both small and large group teaching
how to set up and deliver effective teaching sessions
how to coach others in a one-to-one scenario
how to give effective feedback
how to deal with difficult students
During the Teach the Teacher / Train the Trainer course each candidate will complete a learning styles questionnaire which will help identify their individual learning style and how they can use this knowledge to enhance their own medical teaching courses. Participants will have many opportunities to practise their presentation skills, one-to-one coaching and feedback provision throughout the various activities taking place at the course. By the end of the Teach the Teacher course, all attendees will fully understand how to plan, design, structure, and deliver a teaching session using a variety of teaching formats and methods.

Our medical teaching course (Teach the Teacher / Train the Trainer) is suitable for all grades of doctors (FY, CT, ST, SpR, SAS, middle grade doctors and consultants) and dentists who want to optimise their approach to the training and education of others around them.