Participants will be introduced to the fundamental principles of statistics and to ways of conducting their own analysis, including significance tests and regression techniques. The excellent free software Rstudio will be introduced and used for all practical aspects of the course which is a user-friendly interface for R. In more detail, this summer school will cover:An overview of quantitative research study designsTypes of data Graphical displays Summaries of data Confidence intervals Hypothesis testing (parametric and non-parametric tests)p-valuesRegression analysis (including linear regression and logistic regression if there is time)Neither prior knowledge of R (or similar software) nor statistical analysis is required. The course will take place in a cluster room, with access to a computer and all the required software. Delegates are welcome to bring their own laptops if preferred (access to the UCL Guest network will also be provided), but everyone wishing to bring their own computer should ensure Rstudio is installed before attending (installation guidelines will be made available two weeks before the course).ObjectivesBy the end of the week, participants will be appropriately equipped to: Set out a plan of analysis for a research question accounting for all types of data involved and aspects of their questionChoose the best way of graphically displaying their data and resultsChoose the significance tests suitable to answer their questionMake appropriate use of statistical inference methodsUnderstand when regression methods are usefulChoose the most suitable regression model for their analysisEvaluate the goodness of fit of the fitted modelPerform appropriate model diagnostics and predictionsPerform all the above analyses in the Rstudio software package.LocationUCL GOS Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EHThe school will take place in a teaching room close to the Institute of Child Health. Specific details of the course venue will be supplied after registration.The nearest underground station is Russell Square on the Piccadilly line. Holborn, Chancery Lane, Euston and Kings Cross stations are all within easy walking distance.