The Burden of COPD
British Lung Foundation – Battle for Breath 2016
1.2 million people in the UK are living with diagnosed COPD
4.5% of people aged over 40 have diagnosed COPD
115,000 people are diagnosed with COPD each year – one every 5 minutes
1.7% of hospital admissions are due to COPD –
140,000 per year and >1 million bed days
Prevalence is 2.5 times higher in most socially deprived quintile than in
the least deprived, which is a more extreme socio-economic variation than
for lung cancer
This Programme will be led by Julie Morris and Prof. D Singh Your Learning Agenda…
Part 1: Spirometry and Small Airways Disease
Interpretation of spirometry results
Reversibility studies
Vital Capacity role in obstructive and restrictive disease
FEV1/FVC ratio calculations
Small airways role in spirometry
Clinical assessment in practice
Part 2: Evolving Developments in the Management COPD
Preventing exacerbations
Evolving developments in the management of COPD, examining the
G.O.L.D. stages and pharmacological treatment
Exacerbation rate stratified by blood eosinophils
Pneumonia risk in COPD