Interested in becoming more skilled in managing shoulder trauma?

This two and a half day course will provide an opportunity to review all the shoulder and elbow approaches that may be required for trauma cases in the cadaveric lab, and discuss the management of common trauma cases with experts from Europe and the UK. The course is based on small discussion group sessions, cadaveric lab sessions and short lectures.

Target participants are:

Consultants managing general trauma including shoulder and elbow
Senior trainees preparing to manage general trauma including shoulder and elbow
SAS surgeons managing general trauma including shoulder and elbow, independently
Learning objectives
Evaluate the surgical options available for the management of the shoulder and elbow fractures they will encounter
Describe the different characteristics of the implants available and their correct method of deployment
Perform all the surgical approaches around the shoulder: humerus, elbow and forearm appropriate to the planned surgery and be able to describe the exposed and adjacent anatomical structures
Be able to explain the critical decision points and how to evaluate them during the planning of complex fracture management in the upper limb