The training program complements the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) recommendations that SNB is an alternative to elective neck dissection (END) and should be considered for patients with early (stage 1 & 2) mouth cancer.The intention of this programme is to introduce SNB in a uniform way across the country with a well-structured and high quality course.The objective is to have a uniform standard of SNB practice in the UK proven by low incidence of false negative results and validated through an online data base. With your collaboration, we think we can deliver on these objectives.The accuracy of the SNB test depends on a team of people working together. Consequently, the training programme is designed for hospital teams attending together.PHASE 1: SNB TRAINING DAY**ATTENDED BY HOSPITAL TEAM (Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing & Pathology)Workshops and Lectures on Legal & Regulatory ProcessTake Away Pack for Phase 1 TrainingCopy of lectures, access to database, access to training videos (filmed lecture on SNB. Filmed question and answer session on SNB. Videos on practical aspects of SNB provision, including one for Nuclear Medicine dealing with injection technique, a second describing lymphatic drainage pathways in the neck and sentinel node retrieval and finally the removal of the primary tumour).PHASE 2: REGULATORYTrust Approval & ARSAC Certification. Observe SNB Case. Scans, Injections & SurgeryPHASE 3: 10 TRAINING CASESWith Concurrent Neck Dissection & MentorshipPHASE 4: SNB WITHOUT CONCURRENT NECK DISSECTIONCollection Of Data** Please note that Registration as Hospital Team is RequiredA team consists2 x Surgeons1 x Nuclear Medic1 x Pathologist1 x Theatre NurseCosts£350 per individual place(Non Medic £100)