Join the Marketing team as we run through the RSM event marketing support programme and processes in more detail during this afternoon session.We will facilitate discussions around key marketing topics to allow you, the Council members, to feed your thoughts and ideas in to how we can further improve the ways we can publicise the RSM event programme and output.Come along to meet members of the Marketing team as well as your RSM Thematic Managers from the Education team. If you’d like to come along to this session, please book your place now.We look forward to meeting our RSM Section Council members there.agenda3.00 pm IntroductionJanice Liverseidge, Director of Marketing and Membership3:05pm Marketing programme support overviewGavin Berkerey, Head of Marketing3:20 pm Social Media SupportFabiola Franco, Digital Marketing Coordinator3:30 pm How we develop the comms programmeKen Savage-Brookes, Marketing Manager3:40 pm Website launch information & overviewRachel Taylor, Digital Manager3:45 pm Media relationsRosalind Dewar, RSM Media Office3.20 pm Tea and coffee break4:00 pm Breakout sessions to discuss x3 key topic areas4:45 pm Feedback from breakout session5.15 pm Close of meeting and drinks reception