Aims and ObjectivesAn enhanced understanding of the criteria for detention under Part 2 of Mental Health Act 1983.An understanding of the legal guidance contained within the MHA Code of Practice relevant to the role and responsibilities of s12(2) doctors and other professionals when undertaking MHA assessments.An ability to identify the presence of mental disorder and the severity of mental disorder, and to determine whether the disorder is of a nature and/or degree which would warrant compulsory detention.An understanding of the interface between the Mental Capacity Act 2005 ‘v’ MHA and other related legislation e.g. Human Rights Act 1998 Act and Children Acts.An understanding of current case law and its impact on practice.An understanding of the use of compulsory powers in regards to specific patient groups e.g. Children; Learning Disabilities, Older Persons and Mentally Disordered Offenders under Part 3 of the Act.An enhanced awareness of the impact of compulsory orders on service users and carers.An enhanced appreciation of the balance between risk management and a person’s right to self-determination and liberty.An understanding of the legal requirements for completing statutory forms.