For over 15 years this course has provided surgeons with an opportunity to develop their 3-D visuospatial and analytical skills, and appreciation of facial topography.The 3-day sculpture workshop takes every delegate through the process, from scratch, of sculpting a portrait sculpture from a live model. All artistic abilities are welcome, with no sculpture experience necessary. Luke Shepherd, our tutor, has an exceptional ability to coax out the artist in anyone, and past delegates have all been pleasantly surprised with the high standard of their work. Luke teaches an easy-to-follow, systematic process of modelling and reiterates the importance of observation.The process of continual evaluation of one’s own work and the live model, and noting the shapes, contours, proportions and angles of the face makes one aware of how important these features are in our surgical practice. This course aims to provide these observational skills, which can be translated into our surgery and will be particularly of use to those in reconstructive specialties.