COURSE AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo become familiar with the function and operation of the da Vinci® Surgical SystemTo become familiar with the ergonomics of the da Vinci® Surgical System robot and the available robotic instrumentationTo understand the selection process for patient position, da Vinci surgical team position and robotic surgical approachesTo become familiar with the technique of robotic surgery intracorporeal suturing and knot tyingTo learn “tricks of the trade” to make robotic surgical procedures more efficient without much complication.To learn robotic tissue dissection techniques using monopolar bipolar, harmonic and plasma kinetic energy in robotic surgery.To learn intracorporeal suturing and knotting to perform robotic surgeryTo learn scientific port position to do proper docking during robotic surgeryTo learn baseball diamond concept of port position of robotic surgeryTo learn ergonomic principle of robotic surgery for proper and trouble free surgery.To learn bowel anastomosis and tremor free pyeloplasty da Vinci robotFRESH FROZEN CADAVERSPROCEDURES INCORPORATE: ROBOTIC ASSISTED CYSTECTOMY ,ROBOTICS ASSISTED LYMPH NODE DISSECTIONROBOTIC ASSISTED PROSTATECTOMY,ROBOTIC ASSISTED NEPHRECTOMY