This study morning is designed for generalists involved in active clinical practice. It
will be an update on clinical respiratory issues – highlighting new research, guidelines
and evidence and grounding this in good clinical practice with plenty of clinical tips,
common pitfalls.
It is designed for both general practitioners and other clinicians who have
responsibility for respiratory care in their practice or their community. It will not cover
a lot of policy, national directives and strategic papers but concentrate on “clinical
stuff” for clinicians.
If you have been before more than 80% will be new material / research – but the
principles will often remain the same – better care for our patients as effectively as
we can!
Key Topics in 2018
Asthma – 2018
New diagnosis guidelines (BTS / SIGN) and applying them
Treatment update (maintenance and acute)
Children and wheeze in the under 5 year group
Exercise and asthma (athletes and normal people!)
COPD – 2018
Early accurate diagnosis (microspirometry, spirometry and the clinical process)
Treatment update (maintenance and acute)
Applying lots of guidelines to an individual – how do other morbidities affect our
medical management in COPD?
New Inhalers
A run down on the latest products
Hot Topics 2018
This area will cover key updates on other respiratory conditions where major
evidence and guidelines should influence our practice in primary care including:
Exercise benefits and the lung
Smoking and e-cigarette update
Antibiotics – when to use in potential infections
Latest tips for diagnosis and management of other respiratory diseases (cancer /
ILD / bronchiectasis)