This module explores key concepts which underpin evidence-based surgery whilst providing tools to plan, undertake and analyse clinical research. Even if your interest is not research oriented, this module covers essential skills for critically appraising clinical literature and will enable you to make more informed decisions.RCS membership entitles you to a 10% discount on this module. Find out if you’re eligible to join or transfer. 6 PG Cert credits20.00 CPD pointsYou will cover topics including:Introduction to Surgical ResearchReviewing the LiteratureStudy DesignResearch Ethics and IntegrityBasic StatisticsScientific WritingAfter completing this research Methodology module, you will be able to:Appraise scientific literature critically, identifying sources of bias and confounding.Demonstrate how to design, analyse and deliver a high-impact piece of surgical research.Construct your own approaches to answer key research questions in your chosen field.Apply basic statistical tests and principles in order to present data effectively.Write clear and concise scientific articles for presentation and publication.Prepare for incorporating research into clinical practice by gaining National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Good Clinical Practice Certification (GCP), a well-recognised research qualification in the United Kingdom.