Are you new to leadership?Yet to take on your first leadership role?Are you looking to explore leadership, build confidence and self-awareness and develop your understanding of how teams work?Yes? Well then this is the programme for you.We have been delivering leadership development at The King’s Fund for over 30 years and have a unique understanding of the issues facing leaders in health and social care. This three-day programme aims to help support you in building the foundations of your leadership.We will introduce you to some key concepts to help you deal with current challenges and prepare you for future leadership responsibilities.Is this programme for you?This programme will support those who find themselves leading, or who want to move into a leadership role, and would like their first taste of leadership development. The programme will introduce you to a range of concepts and models that you can put into practice in your work. We will create time and space for you to reflect on your leadership, the kind of leader you want to be and how you will develop leadership in others as you move into more formal leadership roles.This is an entry-level programme specifically for people who are early in their career journey but keen to undertake some formal development to help grow both in confidence and competence in role.This programme is open to people from clinical and non-clinical roles working in all parts of the system including health, social care, the voluntary/third sector and public health.How will you and your organisation benefit from this programme?This three-day programme will help you to:start influencing beyond your teamgain your voice as a leaderexplore leadershipbuild confidence and self-awarenessexplore team working and team effectivenessdevelop your understanding about how organisations worktake your first step on your leadership journey.What will you do?This is an intensive three-day programme designed to help you think about and explore:leadership and its importance in health carethe unique responsibility leaders have to maintain the quality of caresome practical tools for leadership and managementfinding your voice as a leaderfollowership as well as leadershipeffective meetingsenablers of effective team workinghow organisations workhow the health and care system is structured and how to navigate this system as a leaderthe importance of developing key relationships.The programme will also help you develop a diverse network of contacts from across the sector, something that will grow and continue to support you long after the programme has ended.