Do you find it hard to speak confidently in public?
Do you want to strengthen your presentation skills and learn how to confidently address groups of all sizes?

Our one-day Public Speaking and Advanced Presentation Skills course will help you unlock your potential as a relaxed and confident public speaker.

Maximum 12 participants. 6 CPD points
Practical techniques for effective public speaking
Tips for nerve management and increasing confidence
Plenty of practice and feedback with videoing

By attending this Public Speaking and Advanced Presentation Skills course for doctors, you will develop strong presentations skills, be able to deliver confident addresses to groups of all sizes and unlock your potential as a relaxed and engaging public speaker. During the course you will learn how to:

Project your voice and optimise its potential as a communication tool
Develop and write structured and engaging presentations
Adapt your style to the audience
Use nervous energy to your advantage
Engage your audience
Handle questions confidently
Speak with confidence in large presentations and intimidating meetings
Use props and images to create more interesting speeches.
Deal with difficult audiences
Develop a positive attitude to speaking in public
Throughout the day, each candidate will be helped to become self aware of the potential to deliver great presentations, know their present limitations, and be given the tools to develop. Participants will have many opportunities to practise their presentation skills, throughout the various activities taking place at the course. By the end of the course, all attendees will fully understand how to plan, design, structure, and deliver interesting and engaging presentations using a variety of techniques, tips and methods.