In light of recent research studies from both the GeneralMedical Council and the University of Manchester, theconcerning issue of burnout in medical staff and itsrelationship with lower professional standards; staffabsence; early retirement and recruitment shortagescontinue to be a major challenge for the NHS and social careproviders. This innovative masterclass seeks to focus on anumber interconnecting issues that are likely to be present:the issue of declining physical and mental health and how itimpacts on performance and capability; the issue of stigmaand how this relates to absenteeism and early retirement.Research indicates that the prevalence of burnout withinhealthcare professions approaches 25%.Another key theme of the masterclass is understand andwork with The Equality Act in relation to how to makereasonable adjustments whilst maintaining occupationalstandards and developing individual and team basedprevention and relapse management techniques.The aims of this masterclass are twofold:1. To enable managers and heads of departments torecognise and deal with organisational factors thatcontribute to burnout and associated performanceissues and2. To equip health care professionals to recognise andact on the cumulative effect of emotional stress andpressure that arises with dealing with people with needson a daily basis.Facilitated by Gareth Cronin Bsc(hons) CQSW, DCBT, DCG,CPM. Gareth has over 30 years experience of working acrossa variety of settings within the field of mental health. Heworked with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor MaxBirchwood and Professor Lewis Wolpert at Conferences.He has delivered master classes to CEOs on emotionalresilience and to Post Doctorates at Cambridge University.