The Presentation Skills Masterclass is aimed at clinicians and managers in health and social care who would like to develop their presentations skills. As a clinician or manager you may be working in a role that requires you to perform presentations and would like to improve your delivery? Do you find presentations anxiety provoking and would like to develop coping strategies? Or do you want your presentations to be more exciting and better understood? If so this masterclass is for you.The masterclass is designed to provide an increased understanding of the skills and techniques required to deliver dynamic presentations. The course will provide an opportunity for participants to practice and review their presentation skills and techniques and receive constructive feedback. Delegates will be encouraged to develop a creative approach to creating a presentation and consider how best to engage an audience. They will also consider the impact of non verbal and verbal communication and the use of visual aids. As well as participating in a vocal workshop in which they will practice breathing, resonating, articulation and projection exercises. Key Learning Objectives:Develop dynamic presentations and consider how to engage an audienceLearn about managing your anxiety and develop confidence in public speakingConsider the structure and design of an effective presentationAcquire increased understanding of a range of delivery techniquesDevelop vocal vitality by practising articulation and projection exercisesIdentify methods of handling questions and dealing with the audience This masterclass will be led by Becky Simpson and David Schaal who are co directors of Playout a dynamic drama based communications and presentations training company. Playout