Thorough preoperative assessment and care can dramatically affect the patient’s surgical journey and can enable the surgical team to manage any potential problems. This module covers the common topics to review in this setting, including:Preoperative Assessment ClinicPreoperative Risk AssessmentDay Case SurgeryThe assessment and management of common medical co-morbidities in surgical patientsRCS membership entitles you to a 10% discount on this module. Find out if you’re eligible to join or transfer. 10 PG Cert credits0.0 CPD Points: TBCAfter completing this Preoperative Care module, you will be able to:Assess and manage systemic co-morbidities:Cardiovascular diseaseRespiratory diseaseEndocrine disease including Diabetes MellitusExplain the concept of surgical riskDescribe the use of surgical scoring systemsDescribe the principles and advantages of day case surgery