Providing better postoperative care will help to minimise complications and optimise surgical outcomes. Regardless of your speciality interest, this module will broaden your knowledge of the assessment and management of common postoperative conditions.RCS membership entitles you to a 10% discount on this module. Find out if you’re eligible to join or transfer. 10 PG Cert credits0.0 CPD Points: TBCTopics you will cover include:The management of common postoperative complicationsFluid balance in the postoperative periodPostoperative nutritionAnalgesiaThe principles of enhanced recoveryHaemorrhage and blood transfusionAfter completing this Postoperative Care module, you will be able to:Assess and manage common postoperative complicationsDescribe the principles of postoperative fluid balanceIdentify the principles of postoperative nutritional support and its complicationsCompetently prescribe postoperative analgesiaDescribe the pathophysiology of the surgical stress response and its adverse effects in the postoperative periodDescribe enhanced recovery pathways and their role in mitigating the surgical stress responseExplain the implications of haemorrhage and the principles of blood transfusion