This one day masterclass is aimed consultants who wish to have the opportunity to reflect on their current approaches to managing their time and learn about steps they can take to become even more effective.In the ever evolving landscape of healthcare provision the need to work more efficiently and achieve ‘more with less’ is more important than ever. The greatest asset we have is our time and personal effectiveness is directly proportional to the degree in which we manage our time effectively.Aimed at consultants, this interactive 1-day programme will explore how you can be more productive and make more efficient use of the time you have. The Time Management Toolkit provided will help you to bring more clarity to how you plan your working life and your personal commitments. This course will empower you to become more efficient both within your professional and personal settings.Key Learning ObjectivesLearn how to use the Time Management Tool Kit provided to make positive changes in both your professional and personal settingsHave an appreciation of what your key professional and personal values areLearn new ways to set goals that are achievable and relevant to youLearn new techniques to prioritise tasks and to eliminate distractions & procrastinationLearn how to be more assertive, to say no effectively and how to delegate moreLearn strategies on how to tame your email inbox