It is with great pleasure that I would like toinvite you to attend the PCDS Scottishmeeting to be held at the Golden JubileeConference Centre in Clydebank onSaturday 30th November 2019.This year a one day streamlined programme is beingdelivered covering a wide range of topics relevant fortoday’s dermatology aware GPs and HCPs.There is an excellent line up of speakers, most based inScotland, including talks on urticaria, leg ulcers, naildisease and skin cancers, psychodermatology, as well asa quiz to allow you to test your diagnostic skills.In May 2019 membership of the society was extended toall healthcare practitioners in recognition of the widerprimary care team which is involved on the frontline inmanaging skin conditions; three practitioners will sharetheir experiences of this.If you are attending this meeting for the first time you willfind it a warm, friendly meeting and an excellent forum forlearning about dermatology, meeting and networking withcolleagues.I look forward to seeing you there.Best wishes,Dr Lorna PattersonGP Ayr & PCDS Committee Member