“Good experience of care, treatment and support is increasingly seen as an essential part of an excellent health and socialcare service, alongside clinical effectiveness and safety… Improving patient experience is not simple. As well as effectiveleadership and a receptive culture, trusts need a whole systems approach to collecting, analysing, using and learning frompatient feedback for quality improvement. Without such an approach it is almost impossible to track, measure and drivequality improvement.” NHS Improvement 2018“Patient Experience experts are spending a lot of their time collecting feedback – we need to think about how we can spendmore time on doing something about the feedback” Neil Churchill, Director for Patient Experience NHS England“We have seen that everyone has a part to play in creating and delivering experiences and we want to promote an allencompassingapproach to improving those experiences of care. Whether that be for the patient who is admitted to A&Eafter calling for an ambulance; or the carer who supports their family member with daily routine; or the volunteers whowork in the hospitals to aid patients through their journey; or even the staff member who is having a difficult shift and getssupport from their colleagues. We are all the patient experience.”Professor Jane Cummings is the Chief Nursing Officer for England and Executive Director at NHS England 2018This conference will focus on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstratingresponsiveness to that insight to improve care. Through national updates and case study presentations the conference willsupport you to measure, monitor and improve patient experience in your service, and demonstrate responsiveness to thefeedback you receive. Sessions will include learning from patients, a national update, practical sessions focusing on delivering apatient experience based culture, measuring patient experience, using the June 2018 National Patient Experience ImprovementFramwork, demonstrating insight and responsiveness in real time, using patient experience to drive improvement, changing theway we think about patient experience, and learning from excellence in patient experience practice.Benefits of attendingThis conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to monitor and improve patient experience• Learn from outstanding practice in developing systems to improve patient experience insight• Learn how to use the National Patient Experience Improvement Framework in practice• Understand the national context for patient experience• Reflect on CQC key lines of enquiry for patient experience• Understand how to work with staff to act on patient experience feedback in real time• Change the way you think about patient experience – the 1000 days programme and #EndPJParalysis• Identify key strategies for developing a patient experience cultures• Develop your role demonstrating insight and responsiveness• Understand how you can enable frontline staff to engage real time patient feedback from patients• Self assess and expand your skills in incident investigation and RCA for medication errors100% of delegates at our last Patient Experience Insight Conference would recommend the event to a colleague