This module covers many of the commonly encountered paediatric surgical conditions faced electively and acutely by most surgeons, even if your specialty is not in paediatrics. Recognising and being able to manage emergencies will allow you to provide you with a sound foundation for your future training.

3 PG Cert Credits
0.0 CPD Points
You will cover topics including:

Abdominal Pain
The Vomiting Infant
After completing this Paediatric Surgery: Common Problems module, you will be able to:

Describe the aetiology and pathology of intussusception, list appropriate resuscitative measures and describe the operative and non-operative management algorithm.

Develop the skills to take a relevant focused history and elicit appropriate physical signs, be familiar with the rules to enhance decision-making, acquire the knowledge to effectively manage abdominal pain and be aware of common diagnostic pitfalls.