This course will provide an overview of a variety of regression types and models (as listed below) using the R software, via the use of functions lm and glm. Ways of performing model fitting, model diagnostics, predictions and relevant graphical displays will be shown. Linear regressionLogistic regressionOrdinal logistic regressionPoisson regressionNegative Binomial regressionSurvival/Cox-proportional hazardsMultilevel linear regression (time permitting)The course is suitable for those who are able to use R to perform basic data manipulations and produce summary tables and graphs (these skills are taught on our 1 day R course – Introduction to R). Additionally, delegates will be expected to have a basic understanding of common statistical tests and concepts (such as p-values and confidence intervals) as these will not be taught during this workshop (these are taught on our 5 day course – Introduction to research methods and statistics).The course will take place in a cluster room. Delegates are welcome to bring their own laptops and access to the UCL Guest network will also be provided. Everyone wishing to bring their own computer should ensure R and Rstudio is installed before attending (installation guidelines will be made available two weeks before the course).