Orthopaedic surgery can be a complex area of practice, but it is essential knowledge for any surgical trainee. This module introduces learners to key topics, while simultaneously allowing those who are already in an Orthopaedics programme to develop their knowledge further.

10 PG Cert credits
0.0 CPD Points: TBC

You will cover topics including:

Bone healing
Classification of fractures
Fracture management
Compartment syndrome
Septic arthritis
Fracture complications
Paediatric orthopaedics
After completing this Orthopaedics: Acute module, you will be able to:

Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and physiology around common orthopaedic pathologies
Describe a fracture, using common terms including classification systems
Describe and explain bone repair and healing in the acute setting
Demonstrate knowledge, clinical reasoning and understanding of the assessment and management of acute and chronic orthopaedic patients
Evaluate the role of non-operative and surgical treatments for common traumatic orthopaedic conditions
Recognise, assess and evaluate common complications due to a traumatic or acute limb/joint problem