Children and young people make up around 25% of consultations in primary care. Amongst the simple and straightforward, there are some complexities and conditions that need careful thought and care.This specifically designed programme, lead by clinical lead Dr Bob Klaber, a Consultant General Paediatrician at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, will address some of the most common and useful learning needs that GPs and primary care practitioners have in Child Health. We hope that this day will assist you in managing the complexites of Child Health. Join us for essential updates on current hot topics in all things Childs Health.Learning objectives:Able to diagnose and treat common child illnessesAble to appropriately manage more challenging or complex cases in childrens health. To gain practical tips to improve your 10 minute consultation to help child patients. To improve ability to manage common conditions in primary care, where appropriateBe more confident in managing child illnesses. Pricing:Early Bird 15% off until 31 January 2019:Members: £199Non-Members: £245AiT: £169Standard Pricing after 31 January 2019: Member rate: £234Non-member rate: £288AiT: £199