Preparing management reports from OH referrralsHow to prepare concise, well-written OH reports that will provide quality information for managers, be understood by employees, and be defensible if the information contained in them is ever required in legal proceedings.Programme9.00Registration and coffee9.20Welcome and introduction9.30Setting and meeting management and employee expectations for OH reportsSandra Winters, Organisational Wellbeing LtdWhat is the report for?What information should it contain?What it should not containWhat makes a good report?Establishing a service-level agreementWhat makes a good case referral? Advising managers on good practiceEnsuring the worker’s consent for the referral10.30Tea10.45Ensuring the legal and ethical compliance of your organisation’s OH reportsProf Diana Kloss, barristerImportance of record keepingComplying with data protection principles in the new Data Protection Act, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Equality ActConsent and confidentiality including timescale for consent and if the employee refuses consentGMC and FOM guidanceSpecial issues for OH nurses and OH physiciansOH reports as evidence in employment tribunals and personal injury casesCourt orders – releasing records in legal casesDefending your report in the tribunal12.15Legal Q &AYour opportunity to ask questions about OH reports and the law12.30Lunch13.15The OH consultation and recordsDr Nerys Williams, independent OH PhysicianSetting up the consultationPractical issues – including consent to the OH assessmentHistory taking and forming an opinionWhat if the employee disagrees?14.00Effective OH reportsDr Nerys Williams, independent OH PhysicianContentLanguage and terminologyKey phrases to use or avoidTime managementStandard forms and templatesObtaining consent to release the report to the employer14.50Tea15.05Practical session – writing effective reports in practiceSandra Winters and Dr Nerys WilliamsThis interactive session is designed to bring together all the skills that you have learnt during the day, so that you can see how they can be applied in your own practice.16.05Audit, quality control and maximising the usefulness of OH reportsDr Nerys Williams, independent OH PhysicianAuditing your OH reportsUsing records to identify wider OH issuesImportance of getting OH reports right16.25Final questions16.30Close of dayBenefits of attendingLearn how to write concise, robust OH reports that will stand up to scrutiny in a court or an employment tribunalFind out how to comply with the latest legislation, including the new Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection RegulationGain an understanding of the whole process of report writing – from the initial referral to the final report – in order to maximise the usefulness of the report to managementEnhance your report writing style – do’s and don’ts of report writing in practiceImprove your ability to identify the type and quantity of information required to produce reports of the highest standardsUnderstand how to audit and improve your clinical record keeping and reportsReceive detailed, clear documentation to help you when you are writing your OH reportsThis conference is designed for:Occupational health nursesOccupational physiciansAllied professionals working in OH