Preparing high quality OH reports is one of the most importanttasks that occupational health professionals undertake. Thisworkshop has been put together by The At Work Partnershipto help OH practitioners produce concise, well-written OHreports that:• provide quality information for managers – and can be understoodby employees• and will be defensible if the information contained in them is everrequired in legal proceedings.This training is designed for:• Occupational health nurses • Occupational physicians• Allied professionals working in OHHow will attending this trainingbenefit you?• Learn how to write concise, robust OH reports that will stand upto scrutiny in a court or an employment tribunal• Find out how to comply with the latest legislation, including thenew General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act• Gain an understanding of the whole process of report writing –from the initial referral to the final report – in order to maximise theusefulness of the report to management• Enhance your report writing style – do’s and don’ts of reportwriting in practice• Improve your ability to identify the type and quantity of informationrequired to produce reports of the highest standards• Understand how to audit and improve your clinical record keepingand reports• Receive detailed, clear documentation to help you when you arewriting your OH reports