This programme is intended for those who have recently attended the introductory programme to training and facilitation skills.Delegates will be asked to deliver a brief (15 minutes) training session during the day. Part of their training will be in the preparation and delivery of their session and in the receipt of feedback from their peers. They will be asked to bring with them an outline of an appropriate session, planned to the extent of the learning obtained from the introductory session they attended.Please read the ‘Action for Delegates’ sheet to prepare for this programme.The aim of the event is to consolidate the learning of the introductory programme and to enhance presentation skills and techniques designed to encourage participation.By the end of the training, delegates will be able to:· Prepare and deliver a brief group training session using the recommended structure to achieve a specific learning objective.· Demonstrate effective facilitation skills that will ensure participation throughout the training session.· Utilise observation and feedback skills to support group members in the development of their training and facilitation skills.· Identify actions they can take at work which will further develop their confidence in the areas explored during this session.Programme Outline· Review & discussion of learning outcomes from the introductory programme· Refresh on questioning and feedback skills· The power of observation· Complete the preparation of the training session· Delivery, observation and feedback of the training sessions· Action planning and programme review Any queries, please contact: