“The independent Cancer Taskforce set an ambitious task for the NHS: to make significant progress in reducingpreventable cancers, increasing cancer survival and improving patient experience and quality of life by 2020.”NHS EnglandThis conference focuses on Non Medical Prescribing in Cancer Care. Through national updates and practical case studiesthe conference will demonstrate how the effective use of non medical prescribing in cancer care can improve patientcare, experience and outcomes.The conference will focus on developing competence and confidence in nurse & pharmacist prescribing in cancer care,including using the using the National Competency Framework for all Prescribers. Sessions will focus on chemotherapyprescribing, prescribing in a lung cancer, prescribing for pain and symptom control, prescribing in end life care includingcontrolled drugs, and prescribing within follow up clinics and cancer survivorship services.Benefits of attendingThis conference will enable you to:Network with colleagues who are working to improve non medical prescribing practice in cancer care• Understand the national context including the national competency framework for prescribers• Develop your skills and improve competence in prescribing practice• Understand how to develop prescribing to improve chemotherapy services• Improve your skills in the prescribing and prescribing governance• Examine your role within prescribing at the end of life including symptom control and controlled drugs• Understand how to set up a Nurse Led Non Medical Prescribing Clinic• Learn from established prescribing practice in cancer follow up and survivorship, prescribing for lung cancer anddeveloping the role of non medical prescribers in an SACT clinic• Understand how to audit and demonstrate competence in nurse prescribing practice• Self assess and reflect on your own practice• Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence