“Good leadership is vital to create a culture that values and learns from complaints”Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman May 2019“All too often the terms of the conversation people have with the NHS about a concern or complaint are set by theorganisation. Organisations can often be too quick to dismiss or explain away concerns, compounding the grief ofbereaved families and carers with obfuscation and a lack of openness. Paying close attention to what bereavedfamilies and carers say can offer an invaluable source of insight to improve clinical practice.”NQB, National Guidance on Learning from DeathsThis National Summit focuses on delivering a person-centred approach to complaints handling, investigation,resolution and learning. Through national updates, practical case studies and in depth expert sessions theconference aims to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling within your service, and ensure that complaintslead to change and improvements in patient care.This conference will also discuss what people want from decision making within the complaints process.“What people want in decision making:• Where possible, a swift outcome.• A real opportunity to be heard and to input into the process before decisions are made.• To see how decisions are made via clear, understandable and transparent rules.• For complaints handlers to show they’re acting sensitively and impartially – by basing decisions on objectiveinformation and appropriate criteria.”Linda Tomlinson, The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman speaking on Complaints May 2019This conference will enable you to:• Network with colleagues who are working to improve complaints handling• Reflect on the perspective of a complainant who has been through the system to understand what person centred really means in practice• Learn from outstanding practice in complaints management, investigation and learning• Understand what the PHSO looks for in a good complaint response• Reflect on national developments and learning• Improve the way complaints and investigations involving serious incidents are handled• Develop your skills in complex complaints handling and managing complaints across organizational boundaries• Understand how you can improve frontline resolution of complaints in real time• Develop your skills in de-escalation and conflict and dispute resolution• Identify key strategies for ensuring change occurs as a result of complaints• Understand what an excellent complaints response looks like• Ensure you are up to date with the latest legal issues including ensuring adherence to the duty of candour• Self assess, reflect and expand your skills in complaints handling